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A Boomer and a GenXer meet, fall in love, relocate to San Diego, buy a boat, and set a goal to cross the Pacific. Find out what happens next…

Book Review: Sea Wife | Amity Gaige

Sea Wife by Amity Gaige is a sailing story, but more than that, it’s the story of a marriage and the collision with mid-life. Michael and Juliet are in the thick of it–careers, suburban living, parenting two young kids, and…

YouTube Episode: Catalina or Bust! | S1:E7

In this week’s episode, we make the sailing passage from San Diego to Catalina Island, California! It’s not exactly smooth sailing. And we have a communication breakthrough!

Power of a goal and the pull of the horizon

Tim and I have been captivated following different cruisers around the world making choices about where to go and navigating, often more figuratively than literally, the world’s bureaucracies while facing down a global pandemic. There’s Ryan and Sophie Sailing, who…

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