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A Boomer and a GenXer meet, fall in love, relocate to San Diego, and set a goal to sail into a simpler life.

The Plan Will Reveal Itself

In the cruising world, there is a common saying, “Plans are written in the sand at low tide,” which rings true as there are so many factors completely out of the sailor’s control that conspire to flip the script. The most likely culprits are the weather and mechanical/equipment problems. But, the biggest disruptor, in our…

Selecting and Prepping Crew

Full disclosure, Felicità is set up primarily to be a two-person boat. Resources are limited, as is space. So we’ve learned to think deeply about how and when we bring crew aboard. Over our first seven months cruising full-time we determined that three is the optimal number of people when we want to bring on…

To Rally or Not To Rally…?

We had hundreds of ocean miles on our sailing resumes before shoving off on our boat. So why join a rally? Could we have done the trip down the Baja peninsula without the rally? Absolutely. But, at the end of the day, I’m mostly glad we joined the Baja Ha-ha Cruisers’ Rally. We chose to…

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Meet Gretchen & Tim

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Our adventure with a broken windlass continues in this episode. This has been a saga. Holy smokes! 🔹LINK IN BIO 🔹#sailing #sailingcouple #catalina42mkii #maxwellwindlass #anchoring #sail #welovetosail #sailinglife
We spent our first nights on anchor of this season Bahía Salinas on Isla Carmen. This anchorage features an abandoned salt mine and existing hunting lodge. It was very cool to explore and nice to stretch our legs with our buddies on s/v Salt Whistle. 🔹 And, I got our Christmas lights up. 🎄#sailing #sailinglife #sailingcouple #bajacalifornia #sailmexico
In this episode, we experience our worst breakdown and it wasn’t pretty! 🔹 LINK IN BIO 🔹 Like 👍 Comment 💬 Subscribe 🔹 #yacht #yachting #bluewatersailing #offshore #oceanlife #offshoresailing #sailingadventure #gntsailing #boatlife #sailinglife #sailinginstagram #oceanlover #oceanlife #sailing #liveaboard #sail #catalina42 #mexico #pacificocean
We had a spectacular first sail from San Carlos to the Eastern side of Isla Carmen | Bahia Salinas. It took us 22 hours and we sailed all but four hours. And two of the motoring hours were motor sailing because we needed to make water. (We need the engine to power the high pressure pump.)🔹 We were greeted by a sea turtle as we came into the anchorage and our buddy boat, Salt Whistle, was here waiting to welcome us to the Baja. 🔹 We were treated to this cotton candy sky as we started our first morning on anchor. Here’s to season two!🔹 #sailing #sailingcouple #catalina42 #bajapeninsula #sailmexico
This is Vicente. He’s a supporter to all sailors who pass through Acapulco. He manage(s/d) the mooring balls. His wife, son, and grandchild perished when their boat sunk in Hurricane Otis. Please share and give what you can to this friend to all sailors. The @panamapossee and @the.ocean.posse is organizing.🔹 LINK IN BIO 🔹
Adios, #sancarlossonora 🌈 We’re Baja bound. We can’t wait to be on the water! #sailing #panamaposse #catalina42mkii #sailmexico #seaofcortez #sailingbaja #sailinglife