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A Boomer and a GenXer meet, fall in love, relocate to San Diego, and set a goal to sail into a simpler life.

Two Weeks and Counting

This time in two weeks, we’ll be one day into our passage to Cabo and this floating show will finally be on the road. We have a few items left on the to-do list–only one is really important, a few packages still to arrive, a few more good-byes, and some provisioning. Aside from the good-byes…

Reality “TV” Sailing Style

I wake, roll over, and check the YB tracker to see what’s happening with the 2022 Golden Globe Race (GGR) fleet. This group of intrepid sailors departed from Les Sables-d’Olonne, France on September 4. I repeat this ritual every four hours until I fall asleep. This will be my routine until June 2023, when the…

Be Bothered

When I was learning to sail my dad pointed out that when bad things happen on a boat, “it’s usually not because one thing went wrong, but because a lot of things went wrong at the same time.” So the name of the game is to mitigate multiple things going wrong at the same time.…

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