S1: Episode 10 | Converting Our Boat to Lithium

The conversion to lithium was our first bit refit project. See it in action here on YouTube and see our project budget below. Some people may find it kind of funny that we hired a boat mechanic to redo our electrical system given the fact that Tim is an electrical engineer. But, we did this…

S1: Episode 9 | Shakedown Sail Lessons Learned

Good thing we’re lifelong learners! The sailing gods had a few things to teach us on our first shakedown sail to and from Catalina Island. And, we say a sweet goodbye to our fur-baby, Ocho. Check out episode 9 over on the GnT Sailing YouTube channel. Please like and subscribe!

The Challenge of Competing Priorities

There is a real tension between the priorities we’re juggling to wind down our land lives and getting ready to head to sea. Some days it’s hard to know what to focus on and the list is long: Major boat repairs (e.g., getting the water maker working, new bottom paint and thru hulls) Major boat…

S1: Episode 8 | Careful What You Wish For!

We’ve been away from YouTube for many months. “Why,” you ask? Mostly because I just could not bring myself to edit the video that is so filled with my sweet, beloved pup, Ocho. So, I let time do its thing on my grief and a year later, I’m ready to carry on. In Season 1…

Coming Out of the Fog

It’s been a minute and it’s been a long 14 months–for ALL of us. Tim and I have been hibernating, gathering our nuts, getting vaccinated, and formulating a plan. We don’t know all the details yet, but we know for sure that our timeline is accelerating. We also know (big news!) we are going to…

The Seeds of a Sailing Dream

I recently read a story about a young woman living in 1930s Alabama whose world view was cracked wide open when she went to Birmingham for the first time. She marveled at the buildings and the sidewalks and the plumbing. And it struck me that pre-Internet (and for those who still don’t have connectivity in…

Eight Bells for Ocho

We lost our sweet boy two months ago on September 21. My heart is so heavy and my motivation to create content has been limited. We have lots of footage to edit, but the reality is that Ocho is in so much of it, I have not been able to face it. And, oddly, I’ve…

Book Review: Sea Wife | Amity Gaige

Sea Wife by Amity Gaige is a sailing story, but more than that, it’s the story of a marriage and the collision with mid-life. Michael and Juliet are in the thick of it–careers, suburban living, parenting two young kids, and a fledgling marriage. Michael informs Juliet that he wants to leave his job, buy a…

Power of a goal and the pull of the horizon

Tim and I have been captivated following different cruisers around the world making choices about where to go and navigating, often more figuratively than literally, the world’s bureaucracies while facing down a global pandemic. There’s Ryan and Sophie Sailing, who opted to haul out in Curaçao and fly home to Sweden–which was not an easy…


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Prayers up for La Palma ♥️
Bird aversion and bird poop clean up continues. Went in for a second scrub using diluted bleach this time. Seems to have worked (mostly). And placed fishing line over the solar panels. The previous owner had done that and we never replaced when we put new solar on. We’re gaining on it… 🔹 #birdpoop #sailing #sail #sailinglife #scrublife
Refit chores… 1) measuring for new main sail and spinnaker from @precisionsails and 2) returning a defunct #iridiumgo as something not right with the battery. Big thanks to the folks from @predict_wind for making the return/exchange easy breezy lemon squeezy . 🔹 And, notice anything different? 😎 #vitaminsea #yacht #yachting #bluewatersailing #offshore #oceanlife #saltyvibes #offshoresailing #sailingadventure #gntsailing #boatlife #sailinglife #sailinginstagram #sailstagram #oceanlover #oceanlife #sailing #sail #offshoresailing #sailingcouple #catalina42
Remember that game ‘king of the raft’? These guys were playing that 👏for 👏hours today. 🤣 #sealion #sealions #sealionsofinstagram #sandiego #kingoftheraft
Huzzah for summer! We hope you are having a great weekend. 😎 #vitaminsea #yacht #yachting #bluewatersailing #offshore #oceanlife #saltyvibes #offshoresailing #sailingadventure #gntsailing #boatlife #sailinglife #sailinginstagram #sailstagram #oceanlover #oceanlife #sailing #sail #offshoresailing #sailingcouple #catalina42
It’s official! I can dive on Felicità and play with the fish in tropical locals. 🤿 🐟 🐠 #oceanenterprises #scubadiving #sailing #sailorgirl #sailher #womenwhosail
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