Coming Out of the Fog

It’s been a minute and it’s been a long 14 months–for ALL of us. Tim and I have been hibernating, gathering our nuts, getting vaccinated, and formulating a plan. We don’t know all the details yet, but we know for sure that our timeline is accelerating. We also know (big news!) we are going to…

The Seeds of a Sailing Dream

I recently read a story about a young woman living in 1930s Alabama whose world view was cracked wide open when she went to Birmingham for the first time. She marveled at the buildings and the sidewalks and the plumbing. And it struck me that pre-Internet (and for those who still don’t have connectivity in…

Eight Bells for Ocho

We lost our sweet boy two months ago on September 21. My heart is so heavy and my motivation to create content has been limited. We have lots of footage to edit, but the reality is that Ocho is in so much of it, I have not been able to face it. And, oddly, I’ve…

Book Review: Sea Wife | Amity Gaige

Sea Wife by Amity Gaige is a sailing story, but more than that, it’s the story of a marriage and the collision with mid-life. Michael and Juliet are in the thick of it–careers, suburban living, parenting two young kids, and a fledgling marriage. Michael informs Juliet that he wants to leave his job, buy a…

Power of a goal and the pull of the horizon

Tim and I have been captivated following different cruisers around the world making choices about where to go and navigating, often more figuratively than literally, the world’s bureaucracies while facing down a global pandemic. There’s Ryan and Sophie Sailing, who opted to haul out in Curaçao and fly home to Sweden–which was not an easy…

YouTube Episode: Preppers | S1:06

This week it’s finally time to head to Catalina Island! We provision, fill up on water, and hit (not literally) the fuel dock. But the Southern California weather gods were not smiling upon us. Some major fog rolled in and surfaced just how different we are when it comes to risk taking.

Which way will the wind blow?

Based on the current forecast, Tim and I are planning to shove off from Harbor Island in San Diego for Catalina Harbor on Catalina Island at 1800 (ahem, 6:00pm) on Saturday. It’s about 95 nautical miles (NM) if you can go in a straight line. Usually you can’t sail straight northwest from San Diego because…

What’s in the bag?

Check out the video where Gretchen explains how we chose what to include in our ditch bag. Here’s a list of what made it in: First aid First aid kit with wound care, breakable ice packs, pain killers, antacids, alcohol wipes Emergency blankets Baseball hats Hand sanitizer Sun block Bug repellent Spare eye glasses Spare…


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So excited! Got a sample of the GnT Sailing stickers today. We’re working on getting our merch page set up. More coming soon! #sailing #sailingyoutube #gntsailing #stickers
Dinner out with a super view of San Diego’s skyline and the bay. 😍
Everyone is on the move — which is a sure sign that the world is getting back to normal! 🔹 I wake up every morning and check to see where these hearty souls have gotten over (my) night. 🔹 It’s no surprise that @johnkretschmersailing is having the fastest passage— cranking out 180+ NM days going from St. Thomas to Solomons Island, MD USA.🔹Shown in order of likely arrival. 🔹 @the_wynns sailing from Tonga to New Zealand (with a stop on Minerva Reefs)🔹 #johnkretschmer (seen here wearing a GnT Sailing hat 😎)🔹 @sailingmillennialfalcon going from St. Martin to the Azores (with a stop in Bermuda) 🔹 @ryan_and_sophie_sailing sailing from Bonaire to the Azores (currently stopped in Bermuda for a quick rest) 🔹 @sailingyachtflorence going from Indonesia crossing the Indian Ocean starting today 🔹 It gives us so much motivation as we finish our refit to watch these voyagers make the miles happen. Fair winds, y’all!🔹 #sailing #sail #sailingcouple #offshoresailing #vitaminsea #yacht #yachting #bluewatersailing #offshore #oceanlife #saltyvibes #sailingadventure #gntsailing #boatlife #sailinglife #sailinginstagram #sailstagram #sailingyoutube #voyager #atlanticocean #pacificocean #indianocean
@erikaanderaa #nbjs fans here in San Diego. 😎
As expected, the impeller was our engine problem culprit. #yanmar #sailing #boatlife
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