Operation offshore

On our first date, Tim said, “You know I’m moving to San Diego, right?” To which Gretchen replied, “I have a laptop.” It didn’t take long for us to recognize that we both had sailing dreams that were bigger than racing small boats on Lake Michigan. Tim wanted to live aboard and Gretchen wanted to cross the Pacific under sail.

Fast forward nine months and our dream was born. We began shopping for a boat that was in budget and could take us offshore. We found Felicità and sailed her as much as we could while I was back and forth between Chicago and San Diego.

Fast forward 13 more months… got hitched and figured out how we were going to relocate Gretchen (and her business!) to San Diego. In addition, we created a very long refit projects punch list and a budget that we’re about 50% confident is big enough to cover it.

Fast forward another 8 months and we moved Gretchen, Ocho, and her business across the country… in the middle of a pandemic. And that’s when we really got down to business getting ourselves and our boat ready to shove off. The official start of “Operation Offshore.”

Follow us here as we refit the boat, shake down our fixes, learn what we’re sure are going to be a million lessons, consume a cocktail or two, and, if all goes as planned… point our bow toward the western horizon when Tim retires.

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Meet Gretchen & Tim

Meanwhile, over on Instagram

Brava @travelswithtadji — almost as good as when you make it! #galley #sailing
Tim is hard at work on @travelswithtadji ‘s Roquefort Chicken. #sailing #sail #sailingcouple #catalina42 #offshoresailing #vitaminsea #yacht #yachting #bluewatersailing #offshore #oceanlife #saltyvibes #sailingadventure #gntsailing #boatlife #sailinglife #sailinginstagram #sailstagram
@johnkretschmersailing is a cover boy. Great shot by @vizamedia and a fun fact is that Tim was on board Quetzal on the day this drone shot was taken. 😎
“Tilly” our @hydrovane (named by Tim, despite the fact that I won our March madness bet), has arrived! Installation is slated for April 19. 💨 here’s the deal... Tim is 👏 the 👏 best 👏 namer of ALL the things. 🔹 Here’s the story... In our family, there is a long standing joke that if there is a chore you don’t want to do, you say, “Tilly will do it.” Or “We’ll get Tilly to do it.” 🔹 So, the same will go for steering the boat. “Tilly will do it.” And, of course, the double meaning that she’ll be the auto tiller. 🔹 Well done, Tim! I love you and all the goodness you bring to our sailing life. 🔹 #sailing #sail #sailingcouple #catalina42 #offshoresailing #vitaminsea #yacht #yachting #bluewatersailing #offshore #oceanlife #saltyvibes #sailingadventure #gntsailing #boatlife #sailinglife #sailinginstagram # #hydrovane #autosteering #mechanicalengineering
Easter brunch on board. The best poached eggs Tim has ever made. 🐣#sailing #boatlife #galley #poachedeggs
Whelp. I’m still winning but there is a mathematical chance for Tim to win if Gonzaga loses this game. 🏀🤞 #gozags
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