Upping our flag game

June 9, 2020 in Upgrades - No Comments

Sailors love flags and Tim has his own unique love affair with them. And I can’t deny the pride I feel when hoisting our flag and the flag of countries we are visiting. Flag etiquette states:

The U.S. national ensign, sometimes called “50-star” or “Old Glory,” is the proper and preferred flag for all U.S. vessels. Your boat should wear it from 0800 until sunset, and when you enter or leave port during daylight or at night, weather and rig permitting. While in port, if you leave your boat and will not return before sunset, lower and stow the national ensign before you go

United States Power Squadrons in consultation with the U.S. Coast Guard
Old Glory off Felicità’s stern.

We also added these three flags. I argued it should go California, Indiana, then Detroit because we are going west to east, but Tim overruled me.

Also of note, while Felicità is the vessel we’ll be going to sea with, we also have Sprinkles our Rhodes 19 (which, incidentally is the location of our first date). She flies the Ensign–Tim’s favorite–while under sail out of Mission Bay Yacht Club.


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