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July 5, 2020 in YouTube videos - No Comments

We’re live on YouTube. Still learning in a BIG, BIG way, but ya gotta start somewhere. That could be the theme for this whole Operation Offshore project.

We’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile and at first we thought we’d just create content in private and then a few months before we shove off, we’d start cranking it out. But, the more I thought about that, the more I realized that was just fear and the need for perfection driving that thinking. Plus, it might be more fun for people interested in our project to follow along real time–even if that means the videos sort of come out sporadically for the time being.

So… here we are world.

Believe me, if we could shove off tomorrow, we would, but the reality is that we have a looooooong project list that requires a lot of dollars and some time. So, we have to keep working to get the boat ready and fill the cruising kitty.

Plus, we have some things we need to do to get ourselves ready. Namely, go offshore just the two of us and make sure we don’t kill each other! Stay tuned…


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