Eight Bells for Ocho

November 26, 2020 in Updates - 1 Comment

We lost our sweet boy two months ago on September 21. My heart is so heavy and my motivation to create content has been limited. We have lots of footage to edit, but the reality is that Ocho is in so much of it, I have not been able to face it. And, oddly, I’ve been struggling to shoot new footage because he WON’T be in it. All part of the grief process, to be sure, and at some point I know I won’t be so sad. These things can’t be rushed.

But, I wanted to drop in and let you know that we are still hard at work preparing for our sailing adventure. We have a big project in the works converting the batteries to lithium and putting in new solar. And, we’ll start the new year hanging off a mooring ball.

More stories to come! In the meantime, be well.


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