Documentary: Queen’s Birthday Storm

June 14, 2020 in Reviews, Video - No Comments

There are all kinds of sailing stories out there to consume. And, when I’m not sailing, working my day job, or working on the boat, I definitely consume my fair share. One genre of sailing story is what I’ll dub, “disaster at sea.” This documentary is a good one that falls squarely in this category.

I was listening to an interview with John Neal on Out the Gate, a fantastic sailing podcast produced in San Francisco. In it, Neal shared the delightful story about how he met his wife. And recounted their first passage together that had them remarkably navigating through the Queen’s Birthday Storm in 1994.

This storm was a cyclone that swept through the South Pacific out-of-season and caught a rally of cruisers by surprise. This is a very well produced documentary that shares several points of view of the same 3-4 day period including several of the boat skippers/crew, three different ships involved in the rescues, a weather router, and New Zealand’s equivalent to the US’s national weather service and coast guard.


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