Jiffy lube for marine diesels?

June 17, 2020 in Maintenance - No Comments

High on the ‘prep for Catalina Island’ list is servicing the engine and the generator. We check the fluids and top them off if needed before we sail. And, we’ve replaced the impeller. But, other than that, we’ve not serviced the engine since we bought the boat–it’s probably time! Well, past time really… (sorry, Felicità).

As a bonus when we bought the boat, she had a generator already on board. It wasn’t on our ‘must have’ list, but will be nice when we don’t have the convenience of shore power. The funny thing, though, is that we’ve not needed it to this point and, therefore, we’ve never started it.

It worked during the survey, but since then, it’s basically just taking up space in the rear lazarette (that’s a storage space in the cockpit for all our landlubbers).

Finally the ignition key switch is knackered as the Brits would say. We are able to start the engine, but you have to have just the right touch and can take a few tries. Not ideal if you need to start the engine quickly (which sometimes we do if we need to make a quick move to get out of a ship’s way in the bay). We’ll do that part of the job ourselves, but I have to figure out the parts needed.

We’ve had a heck of a time finding someone to come do the work. San Diego boat mechanics aren’t quick to return calls, but we had a major breakthrough today! Craig from Craig’s Marine picked up the phone today and we have a appointment with him in about a week!


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