Jiffy lube for marine diesels?

June 17, 2020 in Maintenance - No Comments

High on the ‘prep for Catalina Island’ list is servicing the engine and the generator. We check the fluids and top them off if needed before we sail. And, we’ve replaced the impeller. But, other than that, we’ve not serviced the engine since we bought the boat–it’s probably time! Well, past time really… (sorry, Felicità).

As a bonus when we bought the boat, she had a generator already on board. It wasn’t on our ‘must have’ list, but will be nice when we don’t have the convenience of shore power. The funny thing, though, is that we’ve not needed it to this point and, therefore, we’ve never started it.

It worked during the survey, but since then, it’s basically just taking up space in the rear lazarette (that’s a storage space in the cockpit for all our landlubbers).

Finally the ignition key switch is knackered as the Brits would say. We are able to start the engine, but you have to have just the right touch and can take a few tries. Not ideal if you need to start the engine quickly (which sometimes we do if we need to make a quick move to get out of a ship’s way in the bay). We’ll do that part of the job ourselves, but I have to figure out the parts needed.

We’ve had a heck of a time finding someone to come do the work. San Diego boat mechanics aren’t quick to return calls, but we had a major breakthrough today! Craig from Craig’s Marine picked up the phone today and we have a appointment with him in about a week!


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Felicità and Salt Whistle arrived in Mazatlan in time for high tide and we’re safely and happily tied together at the dock. 🔹 Docking is not a favorite activity, especially when you have to drive through a narrow channel famous for being really shallow. 🔹 But this sweet little bird came and sat on the lifeline right as we made our approach to the channel and I like to think that was Captain Steve coming to tell me to relax. 🔹 He died four weeks ago today which makes me really sad. I wish I could call and tell him all about the awesome crossing we just did. 🔹#sailing #catalina42 #sailingcouple #mazatlan
It’s been a magnificent day of sailing. All the hard work we did to get the boat dialed in was for days like today. 🔹 And as if it could get any better… a simultaneous sunset off the stern and moonrise off the bow. #daysyoulivefor #catalina42 #sailing #seaofcortez #sunset #moonrise
All is well aboard the good ship Felicità. We’ve dialed back a bit to try to time our arrival to be at high tide tomorrow morning. 🔹And I’m going to work on making an early dinner. But first, some rest for me!
We’re having a great crossing to Mazatlan. Heavy winds this morning for about five hours, but we knew it was coming and had two reefs in the main and switched to the staysail with two reefs once the winds hit a sustained 24 with gusts to 29. 🔹 We’re crossing with our buddy boat, Salt Whistle, pictured here just moments ago. 🔹 We’re 60 miles from land and Starlink seems to be working like a champ. 🔹 We technically could switch to our Genoa as winds have dropped to 14. But, Tim is resting and I don’t want to get him up with the ruckus a sail change will cause. 🔹 Plus, we went so fast this morning, we’re about two hours ahead of schedule right now. So, for now we’ll poke along. 🔹 #sailing #catalina42 #catalina34 #sailingcouple
Tilly, our beloved @hydrovane , is back in service for our 30 hour sail across the Sea of Cortez to Mazatlan. 🔹 It’s been a minute since she’s been out of the garage. I think Felicità perked up when Tilly arrived on the scene today. 🔹 We had an amazing sail today and anticipate that this next leg will also be a good one. #sailingseaofcortez #seaofcortez #sailing #catalina42 #sailingcouple #hydrovane
Headsail poled out, preventers on. Making the 45 mile run down to Cabo Frailes today. 🔹 If you read our tracker (link in bio), you know we were anchored in a rolly anchorage. Happy to report last night was calmer. We got some sleep.🔹 Life is good. 🤙 #sailing #catalina42 #sailingcouple
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